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Quaking Canopy Amy Schumer


D: Castle Rock Flopsy Lopsy VEEE 90

DS: Castle Rock Beam Me Up *B

DSS: Caprine Acres HS Cooper +B

DSD: SGCH Castle Rock Moon Beam 3*M EEEE 92

DD: Castle Rock Snow Shoe Hare V+VE 89

DDS: Castle Rock Chicago Peace ++*B

DDD: GCH Castle Rock Flash Flood 3*M VEEE 90

S: Curbstone Valley H Baroque *B

SS: Sinai Thunder Ex Hanukkah *B

SSS: Sinai Thunder O Exodus *B

SSD: SGCH Wood Bridge Farm Peridot 3*M EEEE 91

SD: GCH Curbstone Valley Calypso 7*M VVEE 90

SDS: GCH Castle Rock Abraham Darby +*B

SDD: GCH Algedi Farm RB Ocean Flower 6*M EEEE 92

Photos Courtesy of Amanda Weber, Quaking Canopy

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