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Sonview Ranch Nakita


S: Sonview Ranch Michelangelo

SS: The Sonview Ranch Corey

SSS: ASG Lost Valley KRE Laredo

SSD: AGS Castle Rock IM Skype

SD: GCH Sonview Ranch Delightful Dale VEVE 89

SDS: Alethia DOH Cosmic Wonder

SDD: Twin Pears Jalena 1*M VVEV 87

D: Sonview Ranch Tribute 2*M VVEV 88

DS: Alethia SHH Gunsmoke N Lace

DSS: GCH Algedi Farm Smokin’ Hot Honey ++*B VEE 89

DSD: Algedi Farm MH Moonlace

DD: Sonview Ranch Carmen *M

DDD: Little Dipper DS Moon Struck

DDS: Lost Valley KRE Laredo

Younger photos of Nakita courtesy of Sonview Ranch

DHI History
Appraisal History
Kidding History
Retained Progeny
Show History
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